key chains & necklaces - ALL available for $10.00 each!     ALL are approximately 1"x1" up to 1-1/2"x2"
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"The Buffalo Hunter" Petroglyph of         "The Thunderbird-facing front" Petroglyph     "The Artist's Signature"  A red hand print
a buffalo hunter with headdress and         of the spirit bird that soars with thunder-     from a series of very large rock art images
shield.  Medicine Lodge, WY                    storms.  The beat of his wings makes thun-      with a lonely hand print in one corner.
black slate (as shown or any color) $10.00  der and the flash of his eyes-lightning.  He    Owens Valley, CA
                                                  brought a renewal of life with him.                red slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00
                                                  Southern Ontario
                                                  black slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00
"Bear Paw Print-4 toes" Petroglyph  signi-     "The Thunderbird-facing left" same as before           "The Mask" Petroglyph of a kachina mask.
fying the only animal Native Americans            San Francisco Mt., AZ                                          Jornada Style  c. 1100AD
knew could walk upright; therfore, this            green slate (as shown or any color)   $10.00             Three Rivers Site, NM
made him man's brother and very powerful                                                                                  red slate (as shown or any color)$10.00
medicine.  Power or strength symbol.
Owens Valley, CA
green slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00                       
"Mother/Child" Petroglyph of a maze         "Tlaloc" Red and white (polychrome) painting         "The Badger" Petroglyph representing powerful
within a maze.  Representing the emer-        of a rain deity-he who makes things grow.             curing, because he lives and digs in the earth
gence of mother and child.  The maze is        Jornada Style c.1100AD Cornudas Mt., NM           uprooting herbs.  Good medicine for expect-
the Road of Life.  Mother Earth symbology.   black slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00          ant Mothers.  Gallisteo, NM  c.1200AD
Hopi Mesas, AZ  c.1500AD                                                                                                purple slate (as shown or any color) $10.00
black slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00
"The Turtle" Petroglyph representing      "The Wolf" Black painting representing a                "The Dragonfly" Petroglyph of the mysterious
Mother Earth (Turtle Island) which is       wise, benevolent being shown to be the                    supernatural being with the gift of speech.
North and South America.                        creator in some creation truths.                            A protection spirit and a positive sign for
Roberts City, SD  c.1500AD                     Cueva Pintada, Baja California, Mexico                    water, fertility, and abundance.
black slate (as shown or any color) $10.00  red slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00                 Hopi Mesas, AZ  c.1300AD
                                                                                                                           purple slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00