Hand-carved reproductions of rock art assembled into key chains or necklaces.  All are approximately 1"x1" up to 1-1/2"x2".
sKey chains include a silvertone split-ring fastened with leather
sNecklaces include 20" leather cord (leather comes in black, gray, brown, green, or red)
sSlate is available in black, red, green, or purple                                 ALL are priced at $10.00 each!
sWith 24 styles available - Descriptive card included
"Spirit Guide #1" Petroglyph of a  spirit         "Spirit Guide #2" same as before              "Kokopelli-small" Flute player welcomed during
guide of a warrior.  Some cultures call            green slate (as shown or any color) $10.00    the corn planting season.  A fertility, prosperity,
these supernatural beings guardian angels.                                                                     and abundance image.  A very wide spread image
Horns-up signify strength or medicine.                                                                          in the western hemisphere.
Dinosaur Nat'l Monument, UT                                                                                      black slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00
red slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00
"Spirit Guide #3" same as before           "The Shaman-small" Pictograph of a shaman wear-        "The Moose" Red painting (pictograph) of a moose
black slate (as shown or any color)$10.00  ing a horned headdress signifying his strength             representing solitary feminine strength.
                                                 or medicine.  Canyon de Chelly, AZ  c.900AD                 Hegman Lake, MN  c.1700AD
                                                 purple slate (as shown or any color) $10.00                  green slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00
"Bear Paw Print-5 toes" same as before     "Directional Balance" Petroglyph of an abstract       "Coup Stick Warrior" Petroglyph of a warrior
Also, being true that a bear is powerful       symbol (often found in pottery) carved to draw        counting coup (pronounced-coo). In battle it
enough in the natural world to take life,       power from a specific direction to give balance       was more honorable to hit someone with a stick
to create balance, it can give life from        or harmony to a ceremony.                                     humiliating them.  An eagle feather was then
the spirit world.  Powerful healer.               Que Mado, NM  c.1250AD                                     awarded for their bravery.
Lake Pend d'Oreille, ID                             black slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00               Valley of Fire, NV
black slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00                                                                             red slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00
"Medicine Wheel" Found in both petro-     "The Spider Clan" Petroglyph symbolizing the        "Kachina Dancer" Petroglyph of a dancing Kachina.
glyph and pictograph forms.  Represents     totem clan of the spider.  The genius of pranks     Necklace may represent Born-for-Water, a
the four wind directions.  Often used by    and practical jokes, with magical powers.              creation deity.  Albuquerque, NM
medicine people or shamans.  Common image.      Willow Springs, AZ                                      black slate (as shown or any color) $10.00
purple slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00     red slate (as shown or any color)  $10.00
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