Over the years I have turned down many gallery offerings
because I really enjoy the one-on-one relationship produced at
the art fairs and gatherings.  It is more informative for the cus-
tomer and more rewarding for the artist.  I have listed here the
current galleries as of late 2004.

Illinois Artisans Shop                        Southern Illinois Artisans
James R Thompson Center                  Shop and Art Gallery
100 W Randolph St  Suite 2-200        14967 Gun Creek Trail
Chicago IL  60601                              Whittington IL 62897

The Museum Store                              Dickson Mounds
Spring & Edwards St                          Museum Gift Shop
Springfield IL  62706                       10956 N Dickson Mounds Rd
                                                       Lewistown IL  61542
Gallery Trio Inc                                
2751 Maple Ave                                 Big Horn Sheep Center
Lisle IL 60532                                  907 W Ramshorn
                                                       Dubois WY 82513
Dancing Bear Gallery
1922 Central Street                           The Main Element
Evanston IL   60201                            1000 Main Street
                                                        Napa, CA  94559
Prairie Oak Artisans
Co-operative Gallery                          Cherokee Nation & Indian Arts
28W530 Batavia Rd  Unit D               8750 N 2nd St
Warrenville IL  60555                       (Machesney Park Mall)
(630)393-9100                                  Machesney Park IL  61115

                                                             Clarida Hollow, IL