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"Speaking of the Balance" Pictograph of     "The Thunderbird" Petroglyph of a bird that     "The Hand of the NW"  Originally carved
a Spanish priest speaking with a forked      flew in ahead of thunderstorms so The People   in wood.  This hand may represent the bal-
tongue (lying).  The People painted this       would know of approaching rain.  Power and        ance of a shaman or medicine person.
image for protection from this "less of      strength symbol.  Dinwoody Lakes, WY c.800AD    Northwest coast
of a human".  Meyers Springs, TX c.1650AD   approx. 7"x9" stone                                         approx. 6"x8" stone
approx. 7"x9" stone                                   purple slate (as shown)  $160.00                       black slate (as shown)  $85.00
sandstone (as shown)  $115.00                     sandstone  unavailable                                     sandstone                   $115.00
slate (any color)        $85.00                      **photo of original included        
A typical reverse of a sandstone carving.
"The Ibex"  Cave painting of an ibex.
The large horns signify a very old male.
Caves of southern France  c. 29,000 BC
approx. 9"x6" stone
sandstone (as shown)  $110.00
slate unavailable
"The Stags"  A cave painting of swimming
stags.  These pre-ice age  animals were
over 9 feet high and had racks 10 foot
across.  Southern France   c. 15,000 BC
approx.  19"x14" stone
sandstone (as shown)  $395.00
slate unavailable
"The Holy Ghost"  Red ochre painting over
life-size produced by spatter technique.
Great Gallery, Horseshoe Canyon, Utah
origins unknown  c. 7000 BC
approx 10"x17" stone
sandstone (as shown)  $210.00
slate (any color)        $175.00
"The Wolf"  A black line painting represent-
ing a wise, benevolent being possibly the
creator in some creation stories.
Cueva Pintada, Baja, Mexico  c. 1000 AD
approx 6"x8" stone
sandstone (as shown)  $100.00
slate (any color)         $85.00
"The Medicine Walker"  Petroglyph of a zoo-
morph (wolf?) with circular feet used to
drum out the spirit or medicine from within
the stone.  Santa Fe, NM  c. 900AD
approx. 6"x8" stone
purple slate (as shown)  $85.00
sandstone unavailable
**photo of original included

"The Traveler" Pictograph of a shaman           "Bird with Speech" Petroglyph of a bird     
preparing to enter the spirit world.  Ref-       with lines of speech or voice.  Site has
erenced in the painting, Datura was ingest-     been lost due to the erasing of time.
ed for its hallucinating properties enabling     Eastern MO   c. 500BC
his spiritual travels.  Panther Cave, TX          approx. 5"x7" stone
c. 2000BC    approx. 10"x15" stone                 sandstone (as shown)  $70.00
black slate (as shown)  $195.00                      slate (any color)        $50.00
sandstone   unavailable

                                      Black hand-made wooden stands
                                       recommended sizes:
small: for art priced $50.00-$75.00 - $4.00 each
        A typical reverse   medium: for art priced $80.00-$250.00 - $6.00 each
        of a slate carving    large: for art priced $275.00 and up -    $8.00 each
"Artist's Vision"  This is a compilation of
rock art images from various sites put to-
gether to represent my vision from July,
1994.  Go to
"Artists Vision" page.
approx.  15"x14" stone
sandstone (as shown)  $270.00
slate (any color)        $230.00