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"The Lady Watching" Petroglyph of the     "The Elk Dreamer" Petroglyph of a bull elk     "The Owl" Petroglyph of an owl represent-
Lady who watches over the lake.  The        may have been created to aid a young man       ed by his three toes.  A spirit to heed
lines show she has come from the spirit    in courtship.  They say when a man dreams       warnings by.  Torrey Lakes, WY c.1200AD
world.  These "Pandzoavits" creatures       of elk he has the ability to "steal women".      approx. 5"x7" stone
protected the People. Torrey Lakes, WY    Legend Rock, WY  c.1000AD                          black slate (as shown)  $85.00
approx. 8"x10" stone                               approx. 6"x8" stone                                     sandstone  unavailable
purple slate (as shown)  $155.00               black slate (as shown)  $120.00                    **photo of original included
**photo of original included    s.s. unav.     **photo of original included       s.s. unav.    
"Life Line of Cranes" Petroglyph depicts     "The Spirit Catcher" Petroglyph of a shaman     "The Earth Diver" same as before
the growth of the soul as it travels the      coming out to catch spirits.  Similar to mod-     specify type of stone and color of
red road.  Gullickson Glen, WI c.1100AD     ern day dream catchers he has a net-like body      approx. 6"x7" stone
approx. 5"x9" stone                                 The small animal gives perspective.                     sandstone (as shown)  $115.00
red slate (as shown)  $125.00                    Legend Rock, WY  c.100AD                                slate (any color)        $90.00
sandstone         $160.00                            approx. 6"x9" stone                                         **photo of orginal included
                                                           black slate (as shown)  $130.00                  
                                                         **photo of original included       s.s.   $165.00
"She Who Watches" same as before          "The Cat" Petroglyph of a mountain lion to      "The Ontario Shaman" Red painting of a sha-
Specify type of stone and color                enhance or represent the cougar medicine       man receiving knowledge.  He is with porcu-
of slate when ordering.                            society.  Originally pecked in sandstone.        pine, canoe, and fish representing prowess.
approx. 6"x7" stone                                 Petrified Nat'l Forest, AZ  c. 1300AD        New evidence suggests many of the red paint-
black slate (as shown)  $125.00                 approx. 6"x10" stone                                 ings of the North are celestial huntings maps.
sandstone                  $165.00                  sandstone (as shown)  $125.00                    approx. 7"x9" stone
                               slate (any color)         $95.00                     black slate (as shown)   $120.00    
                              **photo of original included                         sandstone  unavailable
"The Balloon Man" Petroglyph of a       "Newspaper Rock" Petroglyph portion of         "The Whales" Petroglyph of killer whales
visionary spirit which led the People     the famous site where people have been          and human faces signifying their relationship
to water tanks in a time of drought.     recording information for over 3000 years.     with each other and the providing sea.
Nine Mile Canyon, UT  c.800AD            Monticello, UT                                            Gulf of Alaska, AK
approx. 7"x10" stone                           approx. 10"x12" stone                                   approx. 6"x8" stone
red slate (as shown)  $145.00               red slate (as shown)  $160.00                        red slate (as shown)  $85.00
sandstone                $175.00               sandstone                $195.00                        sandstone  unavailable
**photo of original included                 **photo of original included