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"Kokopelli" same as before  specify     "The Vision" Petroglyph of a recorded vision.     "The Signature Hawk" Northwest coast-
type of stone and color of slate         Usually a four day fast to help in finding one's    al style.  Alan's own design based on his
you prefer when ordering.                  self.  The area which this pipe keeper remains     name sake-the red-tailed hawk.
approx.  5"x7" stone                         is surrounded by prayer (tobacco) ties.  Each       approx. 6"x9" stone
green/purple slate (as shown) $65.00  animal plays a significant role in this person's     sandstone (as shown)  $135.00
sandstone         $95.00                     vision.  British Columbia  c.1700AD                     slate (any color)        $100.00
                                                    approx. 8"x9" stone                            
                                                    purple slate (as shown)  $160.00
                                                   sandstone  unavailable
"The Warrior" Petroglyph with his/     "She Who Watches" During the infiltration     "The Earth Diver" Petroglyph of a salamander
hers spirit guides.  Carved to aid this   of Europeans, new and powerful diseases were   diving into the ocean covered primordial
person's well-being or in honor of an    introduced.  She is a bear spirit appearing in     earth.  Legend says that he rose with mud
event. Dinosaur Nat'l Monument, UT    desparate need to watch over the survivors.      on his feet instantly forming the land.
approx. 8"x10" stone                          Number of sites in the Northwest c.1700AD     Kinlock Rock Shelter, AL  c.1000AD
black slate (as shown)  $150.00           approx. 6"x8" stone                                       approx. 6"x7" stone
sandstone  unavailable                        sandstone (as shown)  $165.00                         red slate (as shown)  $90.00
                                                     slate (any color)        $125.00                          sandstone                $115.00
                                                                                                                        **photo of original included
"Bear Paws" Petroglyph representing    "The Family" Petroglyph of a family       "Pandzoavits" Petroglyph of a visionary ogre sent
the animal that could walk with The      with represented pregnancy.  Carved       to protect The People by threatening to steal
People making him an equal.  Powerful    for procreation influences.                    trespasser's children and drown the unwary in
medicine and strength symbol.              Gobernador Canyon, NM  c.1700AD          the nearby lakes.  Dinwoody Lakes, WY  c.1400AD
Lake Pend d'Oreille, ID  c. 1450AD      approx. 6"x10" stone                             approx. 8"x10" stone
approx. 5"x7" stone                            sandstone (as shown)  $140.00                green slate (as shown)  $160.00
sandstone (as shown)  $130.00              slate (any color)        $125.00                sandstone  unavailable
slate (any color)        $100.00              **photo of original included                    **photo of original included
"The Hero Twin" Petroglyph of Monster     "Communication Buffalo" Red painting     "Bulls-eye Spirit Catcher" The rings are used
Slayer a creation deity.  He and his bro-    of a human and bison transmitting pow-    by this shaman to direct or catch spirits for
ther joined forces to destroy a creature    er or voice.  Churchhill River,              ceremonial use. The small animal gives perspective.
disrupting creation.  Gobernador style       Saskatchewan, Canada  c. 1400AD           Legend Rock, WY  c.500BC
Largo Canyon, NM  c.1200AD                     approx. 6"x11" stone                            approx. 8"x10" stone
approx. 7"x9" stone                                 black slate (as shown)  $140.00              green slate (as shown)  $150.00
sandstone (as shown)  $130.00                   sandstone                  $170.00              sandstone  unavailable
slate (any color)        $100.00                                                                           **photo of original included