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"The Shamans" Originally painted over     "The Hunt"  Petroglyph of a hunting scene     "The Sun God" Petroglyph of a possible
life-size, the shamans are working with     creating hunting magic or to bring about       Anasazi creation story.  The Sun God
rattlesnakes and Little People in a heal-    much needed rain for the region.                  giving birth to the earth.
ing ceremony.  Horseshoe (Barrier) Can-    Cottonwood Canyon, UT  c. 1000 AD              Espanola, NM  c. 1250AD
yon, UT  c. 7000BC                                 approx. 13"x20" stone                                 approx. 6"x15" stone
approx. 13"x18" stone                              black slate (as shown)  $650.00                   sandstone (as shown)  $195.00
sandstone (as shown)  $375.00                sandstone  unavailable                                slate (any color)        $160.00
slate (any color)        $295.00                  **photo of original included                        **photo of original included
"The Listener" same as before.             "The Warrior with Spears" Petroglyph of     "The Piasa Bird" Petroglyph of the bird which
specify type of stone and color             a near life-size image carved to enhance        devours men may be a farce, confused with the
of slate when ordering                         his strength and power.  Piney Creek, IL        "night panther" a water monster.  Alton, IL
approx. 6"x9" stone                             approx. 6"x9" stone                                    approx. 7"x9" stone
sandstone (as shown)  $125.00               red slate (as shown)  $120.00                      purple slate (as shown)  $120.00
slate (any color)        $95.00                sandstone                $150.00                      sandstone  unavailable
                                                     **photo of original included            
"The Falcon" Petroglyph of a falcon    "The Falcon Dancer" Petroglyph of a           "The Spider" Carved marine shell showing
carved on a ceremonial alter to en-     shaman dressed in an elaborate feathered     the three worlds of life.  The spider acts
hance the shaman's spiritual travels   garment dancing around a ceremonial fire.     as a mothering spirit carrying souls through
He is with medicine wheel and pipe.     Millstone Bluff, IL  c. 1250AD                    these doorways.
Millstone Bluff, IL  c.1250AD           approx. 6"x8" stone                                    Found in several Midwestern states
approx. 9"x10" stone                         red slate (as shown)  $100.00                      approx. 7"x9" stone
red slate (as shown)  $140.00             sandstone                $125.00                      black slate (as shown)  $100.00
sandstone  $165.00                                                                                          sandstone                   $125.00
**photo of original included
"The Hand" A cave in Arizona contains hundreds   "The Hand" same as before       "The Horse" Polychrome painting of a horse.
of red hand paintings.  Only a few of these have     specify for sandstone orders    Prey of man during the Magdolenian Period.
concentric patterns representing the balance of    that you want red ochre or        Lascaux, France  c.15,000BC
the shaman or medicine person.  Site could             black charcoal.                        approx. 10"x13" stone
represent a "winter count" for the tribe.                                                           sandstone (as shown)  $225.00
Buttress Canyon, AZ  c.1400AD                                                                        slate  unavailable
approx. 6"x9" stone
sandstone (black hilites as shown)  $115.00   slate any color  $85.00