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"Kokopelli" Welcomed during the     "The Listener" Originally a black line       "The Vision Quest" Originally a black line
corn planting season.  A fertility,    painting.  The other images influencing     painting.  The top symbol represents a moun-
prosperity, and abundance image.     him give rise that he encountered a bear    tain.  The dots show medicine (horns-up)
A very wide spread image in the      and a turtle which spoke to him.                being received from the mountain.
western hemisphere.                      Located near Kaycee, WY  c.1600AD          Located near Buffalo, WY  c.1800AD
approx. 5"x7" stone                      approx. 6"x9" stone                                 approx. 6"x9" stone
sandstone (as shown)  $95.00         green slate (as shown)  $95.00                  red slate (as shown)  $90.00
slate (any color)        $65.00         sandstone                  $125.00                  sandstone               $120.00
"Lady Shaman" Petroglyph of a     "Standing Bull" Painted story of the       "Bad Hair Day" Petroglyph of a shaman in
female figure.  Possibly a shaman   discovery of the Black Hills, SD. He       ceremonial headdress.
or clan Mother.  Raised hands        brought back with him a pine tree he        Yampa River Drainage, CO
is a classic prayer stance.            had never seen before.                            approx. 6"x9" stone
Northern Saskatchewan               approx. 6"x9" stone                                red slate (as shown)  $85.00
approx. 6"x9" stone                    purple slate (as shown)  $95.00                 sandstone  unavailable
sandstone (as shown)  $110.00      sandstone  unavailable
slate (any color)         $75.00
"The Sundance" A pictograph of a sun-     "The Bison" A cave painting of a     "The Horses" A cave painting of four horses.
dance.  Practiced by many plains tribes     pre-ice age European bison             Based on the Cro-Magnon caves of southern
it is the most revered ceremony because   Based on the Cro-Magnon caves       France.  c. 29,000 BC
it brought all the people together in         of southern France.  c. 29,000 BC   approx. 10"x14" stone
celebration and prayer.                           approx. 10"x 13" stone                   sandstone (as shown)  $250.00
Meyers Springs, TX  c.1650 AD               sandstone (as shown)  $225.00         slate   unavailable
approx. 14"x20" stone                            slate  unavailable
sandstone (as shown)  $375.00
slate (any color)        $325.00


sLimited edition artwork (glyphchips excluded)
sHand-carved reproductions of actual rock art
sEach is signed and numbered (up to 405) on the back
sMost works are available in either black, red, green, or purple
slate and/or sandstone with charcoal highlites sealed in acrylic
sBlack wooden stands are available
sAll images include a laminated story card
sEach has a brass wall hanging fixture on back
sA number of works include a photograph of the original image
sStone works on average weigh 8 pounds per square foot