The following photographs were taken over a course of 6 months.
This was a commission project I was awarded in the spring of 2005.
The 3,100 lb. granite boulder from Wisconsin glacial till was carved by
yours truly over a period of several months.  It now lies situated at the
center of a medicine wheel located on the park district front lawn in
the city of Frankfort, Illinois.  In the spring of 2006 a dedication
ceremony will be held at the location in honor of the contributors to
the project.  I will keep you posted on the date and all are welcome!
My new friend
(we got to know each
other very well)
These next three shots are the gradual creation of the eagle.
I chose an image found at the Jeffer's Petroglyph Site of
Minnesota to represent the East direction.
The next four shots are of a bear image I chose from the foothills of Montana.  Of all the
different types of stone I have worked, granite being hardest, I find that granite "flows" the
best because of its grain consistency.  In other words, it's
all hard!  Bear represents the West.
The White Buffalo of the North image was
chosen from the French caves.  I selected
this location to remind us how great
naturalistic art can be even dating back
over 30,000 years!
The coyote of the South was chosen
from a location in the Baja, Mexico
known for its elaborate shamanistic
red and black pictographs.
Delivery, unloading, and the careful placement of the boulder.
The West
The North
The East
The South
The view from
the street.
The project coordinators and
some of its contributors.
Jeff Sebert (Sebert
Landscaping)-project contributor.
Judy Herder (Frankfort
Preservation Foundation)-project
Alan W. Barbick - Artist
Kaibab National Forest, Northern Arizona
Snake Gulch