After showing my work for several years with limited success.  I began to
feel that this may be the end of the road.  With chronic back problems and
depression, it became difficult to represent the rock art I love so much.

I didnt' know why at the time, but I felt an overwhelming urge to request
from a Native American friend to "put me on the hill."  A vision quest is a
personal fasting to aid in finding one's self.  After being out for only one
night, the elder felt I had enough (most vision quests last up to four days
and nights).  I was very excited to share the news with him of all the spirit
and animal encounters.  

However, all this excitement was in vane.  He informed me that the vision
told him that I was not working hard enough on my path!  It was very up-
setting to hear this because as a pipe keeper I was praying more than ever
by conducting and attending ceremonies.  Frustrated, I went home and put
the experience at the back of my mind.

Several weeks later, I was exhibiting at my home town art fair on the li-
brary lawn.  I was having a good day...speaking to a number of people a-
bout the rock art, sharing my vision, making a few sales, and even my back
was feeling good.  When all of a sudden I thought "You fool! Your path is
your artwork!"  Immediately after thinking this I looked straight up and
two red-tailed hawks (my namesake) were flying directly over head.

I called my friend that night and he said "You have your answer".

TO ALL MY RELATIONS!                                  Legend Rock, WY