the jewelry of
Each creation a one of a kind original crafted from precious and
semi-precious stone beads.
Accented with antique collector tribal beads from around the world!  

To be
Natively Inspired is to be fascinated by all things hand crafted by the
of this planet.  We are a wealth of many cultures and ideas that influence our
ornamentation.  Ethnic/indigenous, whatever you want to call it I am truly

When designing my jewelry pieces, I love to use the following:
+Artist designed and created pendant pieces.
+Hand made silver beads by the people of Bali.
+Hand crafted silver, amber, copal, turquoise, coral
and shell from the people of Tibet.
+Beautiful glass and silver beads from India.  I love
those little bells.
+I often use the beading techniques from the native
peoples of North America and South Africa.
+There are wonderful hand carved jade beads from       
+Hand painted porcelain beads from the Japanese.
+The Hill Tribe people of Thailand make wonderful
.999 fine silver beads.
+The nomadic tribes of the Middle East create beautiful
pieces of metal, lapis, and coins.
+Coptic crosses of coin silver from Ethiopia.
+There are antique beads from Africa 200 years and
older once used for trade.
+Beautiful mille-fiore from Italy.
+From the Eastern Europe there is a bonanza of
vintage crystal and pressed glass beads.
+Beads from nature herself:seeds, wood, shells,
and bones.
+Last but not least....I enjoy fabricating from silver,
bead, clasps, and pendants inspired by nature.
+Water color art pendants created by Helena Nelson-
Reed  at

   What an incredible bounty of inspiration
           just waiting to be experienced!
My work can also be found at:

Prairie Oak Artisans              Prairie Oak Artisans (North)
28W530 Batavia Rd Unit D     207 Commerce St
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Gallery Trio
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April 29-30, 2006  North Shore Unitarian Church Fine Art
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white rabbit
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silver tlaloc
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turtle pendant
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Hand pendant with
Item # ne1001
hill tribe fine silver disk
with lapis beads
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